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Modular Photonics delivers speedy data without re-cabling

Modular Photonics’ Retrofit Tech boosts legacy fibre optics networks to 10G data speed without re-cabling. Their cost-effective plug-and-play solution is used in Australian sports complexes and schools. It’s ideal for large facilities or multi-building campuses, including universities, hospitals, technology parks, and government departments.

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Women lead innovative bacterial diagnostic test to aid antibiotic resistant therapy

Antibiotic resistance in STIs is a growing public health issue. STIs have the potential to become the first incurable bacterial infections since the introduction of antibiotics. Thus, diagnostic tests that detect bacterial infection as well as genetic markers for antibiotic resistance in a single test, such as ResistancePlus® MG, will be crucial in addressing this looming issue by enabling resistance guided therapy.

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For those battling the "black dog" of #depression, #stress and #anxiety, a research-based app - @moodmission‚ provides proven ways to cope, all in the palm of your hand. Developed by @MonashUni download is #free. Find out more: https://www.ausinnovates.com.au/moodmission/

Rays of sunshine in COVID-19 5 April - https://mailchi.mp/2a129570bd0b/rays-of-sunshine-in-covid-5-apr-4128254

Rays of sunshine in COVID-19 - 5 April - https://mailchi.mp/63c655712ab5/rays-of-sunshine-in-covid-5-apr-4128246

Rays of sunshine in COVID-19 - 5 April - https://mailchi.mp/f3d3e91dc9a4/rays-of-sunshine-in-covid-5-apr-4128242

Rays of sunshine in COVID-19 5 April - https://mailchi.mp/9c0b3b022754/rays-of-sunshine-in-covid-5-apr-4128238

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