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Success stories from research organisations and innovative companies around Australia.

Gardasil: eliminating a killer

Causing 310,000 deaths annually, cervical cancer is the second biggest killer of women globally. But thanks to the Gardasil vaccine, cervical cancer is predicted to be eliminated as a public health threat in Australia by 2028.

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SA innovation is beefing up the quality of the meat industry

No one likes eating bad meat. MEQ Probe provides real-time information to meat processors which can be shared up the supply chain (distributors, butchers, consumers) and down the supply chain (on-farm growers), providing more transparency to the supply-chain and improving the overall quality.

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A billion-dollar industry milks Monash Uni’s expertise

Researchers at Monash have developed a new technique for the Australian dairy industry that reduces costs and environmental impacts while producing powdered milk products. Currently, 40% of Australia’s fresh milk is turned into powdered products, meaning this innovation can make a tremendous impact!

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#TALI #Train is the world's #first scientifically designed game-based attention #training program for #children with developmental disorders, such as #Autism #SpectrumDisorder. https://t.co/RwUJeWSE6h #AUSinnovates @TALIHealth @AutismSpectAust @MonashUni @autismspeaks @AutismCRC

#AUSinnovates shares Australian #innovation stories that may not have made headlines, but are making a positive difference in our lives. Learn more and get involved at https://t.co/f2yLgAPunc @ScienceAU

Cervical cancer will be eliminated as a public health threat in Australia by 2028 thanks to Gardasil, originally developed at @UQ_News freely available to Aussie teens since 2007. Learn more and nominate other great Aussie innovators at https://t.co/Z4EFQxC2bU @UniQuestUQ

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