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Success stories from research organisations and innovative companies around Australia.

Gardasil: eliminating a killer

Causing 310,000 deaths annually, cervical cancer is the second biggest killer of women globally. But thanks to the Gardasil vaccine, cervical cancer is predicted to be eliminated as a public health threat in Australia by 2028.

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SA innovation is beefing up the quality of the meat industry

No one likes eating bad meat. MEQ Probe provides real-time information to meat processors which can be shared up the supply chain (distributors, butchers, consumers) and down the supply chain (on-farm growers), providing more transparency to the supply-chain and improving the overall quality.

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A billion-dollar industry milks Monash Uni’s expertise

Researchers at Monash have developed a new technique for the Australian dairy industry that reduces costs and environmental impacts while producing powdered milk products. Currently, 40% of Australia’s fresh milk is turned into powdered products, meaning this innovation can make a tremendous impact!

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Past AC grant winner & @iAwards winner @iSeeVC can be used to reduce #emissions as a virtual conference platform or in case of #school #closures as a virtual #school with 3D environment capable 4 whole classes. Interested? @mcannonbrookes @dpetre

Here it’s is, hot off the press... #hurricane names for the #2020 #stormseason. The season will officially start on June 1 and end on November 30. #gettrainednow #readyforsummer #bigstormbrewing #stormseal #better #insurance #claimsmanagement #strata / #… https://ift.tt/2Pk48v6

Looking for science activities your child could do at home? Maybe you’re a teacher looking for a STEM-related excursion? Have a look at the #STARportal website http://ow.ly/XtzI50ytL8E & Facebook page to find engaging STEM activities all around the country: http://ow.ly/qAYx50ytL8F

"This is our knitting. Business doesn't operate in a bubble. Business operates in the environment, in a community & has a legitimate interest in these things... in the absence of leadership from the political class, leaders of business should stand up." https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/companies-will-fill-leadership-vacuum-on-climate-icc-chief-warns-20200217-p541po.html

Awesome and hilarious video by V2 Foods who give New Zealand proud meat eaters V2 plant based burgers ⁦@BurgerKing⁩ - they love it and swear it’s meat! ⁦@Fishburners⁩ #climatechange pitch ⁦@AUSinnovates⁩ ⁦@CSIRO⁩

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